Coco Computing

Coco Computing aims to bring artificial general intelligence into the world.

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Artificial General Intelligence

We aim to develop Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which is an artificial intelligence that is capable of conciousness and has the ability to learn anything, like a human. Currently, many organizations have developed Weak AI, which is an AI that is designed to accomplish specific tasks like playing chess or winning at a game. But AGI is a Strong AI that can perform the full range of human cognitive abilities.


??????Developing Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a long-term goal that will hopefully be achieved in the next couple decades. Until then, the following projects will help fund the immense amount of research and development required to create artificial general intelligence.

AI Stock Predictor

??????Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is used to predict changes in stock prices.

Reversi AI

Impressive AI that can play Othello/Reversi board game. Proof of concept

Medical Imaging Analysis

??????Machine Learning system detects certain anomalies in chest radiographs.

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