Coco Fund Artificial Intelligence Trader Overview

Artificial Intelligence is the holy grail for algorithmic stock predicting because of its versitility and adaptability. Many funds want to utilize it, and that is why we have developed one of the most successful ones. Artificial Intelligence, specifically Machine Learning artificial neural networks, is great for recognizing patterns and regression or classification predictions. With Coco Computing AI's processing power, and its ability to reconize patterns indiscernible to the human eye, we believe it can generate great and steady profits.

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Mark 3 is a significant advancement over Mark 2 since it uses a multitude of advanced machine learning techniques to improve performance.

Mark 2 is a great improvement on Mark 1 since it uses more powerful versions of artificial neural networks to better perform time-series predictions.

Mark 1 is a trading system of Artificial Neural Networks used to predict movements for US stocks and the S&P 500.